Professional Performance Coaching

​I have over 20 years of professional experience in Art, Design and Digital/Web enhancement.

I have been involved in business development since 2010. I know firsthand what is required in order to see an initial concept through to realisation.

​I understand how important it is, now more than ever, for a brand to be transparent, projecting authenticity and uniqueness.

I am not just another web designer. Having studied Fine Art at university and having a keen eye for contemporary and future trends I am able to keep you ahead of the competition.

I appreciate firsthand the challenges faced by business owners and professionals across all disciplines. Whether you have created your business from scratch or taken over an existing business concern I know how to achieve momentum and growth in all aspects of your business.

Together we will create a professional identity that is as unique and inspiring as you are; a professional identity that is radiating passion and conscientiousness. I sincerely believe that this difference is whats makes all the difference. I will assist you in developing a mindset for absolute success and unshakable resilience, providing you with simplistic yet highly effective coping strategies; strategies that will support you through even the most challenging times during your professional journey. I help my clients turn their difficulties into driving forces.

I will assist you in forging long-lasting meaningful relationships with your clients and customers; relationships which in turn will translate into future security and successes.

Whether you are starting out in the business or blogging world or you are already well-established within your chosen discipline I can support you catapult to that next level of success.


Provide me with your enthusiasm for positive change and I will take care of the rest.

How I can help you

The Idea; The Execution; The Showpiece

I would love to hear from you

How I can help you
  • Professional and Business Development

  • Workload Strategisation

  • Project Management and Budgeting

  • Personal Performance and Motivational Coaching for individuals and teams


The Idea

You have been inspired by an idea, the concept, however, requires development. You are not sure where to start and you are in need of decisive direction and clarity. Expert advice, Personal Coaching and support is on hand. Let’s talk. 90mins. 


per session face to face

£75 per session online.


The Execution

You have finalised a fantastic and all inspiring idea and it has been realised. Your creation now requires momentum and increased exposure. Let’s spend a day together and discuss your expectations and how best to achieve them in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Let me help you on your way, with weekly follow-ups (charged in isolation please contact me for more details).

£450.00 per session.


The Show Piece

This package is aimed at helping you to clear the fog and develop a professional dynamic mindset. A mindset and approach that will benefit enormously in not only your business and professional life but your personal life too.

While progress is tangible after only a few sessions, I recommend a continued engagement of up to 12-weeks in order to achieve maximum, long-lasting benefits.

Sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and will take place via video call or in person, by mutual agreement. 


per session face to face

£75 per online session


I would love to hear from you

All sessions and packages are bespoke.

I tailor our consultations to precisely meet your individual needs and that of the project.

I am always willing to discuss matters in more detail please do get in touch.

Professional Performance Coaching

  • Develop strategies and strengths that will allow you to break free from the shackles and barriers created by ineffective or destructive habits, fears and other such significant detrimental factors.

  • Manage and influence challenges and control debilitating stresses along with their associated triggers. 

  • Become an extraordinarily confident person and enjoy full control over your focused and deliberate view of the world, thoughts and emotional responses.

  • Aim beyond simply thriving under pressure. I encourage all my clients to go far beyond such parameters by suggesting that they actively submerge themselves in situations that stretch their existing comfort zones. In doing so they are able to enjoy new insights and levels of exceptional functioning.

  • Develop outstanding communication skills that will enhance your social and business interactions and elevate your status within established hierarchies.

  • Learn to promote the best of you and shout to the world what you have to offer.


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