Creative Photography

When it comes to marketing whether it be physical material or online examples, great photography proves to make all the difference. Outstanding photography in isolation can quite literally make your brand the incredible success you had always hoped to achieve.

Amadeus Art creates outstanding and captivating photography as standard; creative photography that is tailored to your needs as a business owner, blogger or entrepreneur. Amadeus Art capitalises on the power of digital aesthetics enabling you to project your business in a highly outstanding manner.

What Amadeus Art can do for you

-- Art Direction for Websites Blogs and Social Media Content

-- Storytelling

-- Natural Shots

-- In character

-- Business

-- Product

-- Video Animation

-- Presentation

In 2020 photography should be considered an essential element of branding and marketing creations.

Every photograph should possess the power to resonate on a personal and indeed emotional level with your target audience.

Amadeus Art creative photography sets out to project a number of powerful messages with every published image.

Go ahead and allow me to impress and captivate your audience with inspiring creative photography.


Creative Photography Price Guide

Amadeus Art Creative Photography starts from as little as £125.00.

This Creative Photography package has been formulated to provide clients with outstanding visual material that can be utilised across all physical and digital platforms including but not limited to your website, blog, social media content and marketing material.

This package includes:

  • 1 hour of photography

  • 5 storytelling images for business websites & blogs

Creative and stylish images that increase your brand recognition and engage with your client base across all your social media channels.

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  • Instagram