We Specialize in Web Design,

Branding and Visual Content Creation

Your website and social media platforms are the windows of your business and as we know...first impressions really count.

Amadeus Art creates outstanding websites and stunning social media content.

We know what to do so to give your customers a breathtaking online experience on any device. We are not just another web design/development, brand and visual content creation studio we are Amadeus Art.

Maria O'Meara

Senior Designer and Consultant

Hello! my name is Maria and I am the founder of Amadeus Art Brand, Website and Social Media Content Design studio.

Amadeus Art was born out of my absolute passion for Art, Design and Business.

I have been involved in Web Design and Business development just shy of 10 years.

I am already a business owner of a successful Empowerment and Personal Performance consultancy for professionals.

My forte is breathing life into people’s dreams and infuse with strength and confidence those who are ready to turn their vision into reality.

I am at my absolute best when I am required to come up with new innovative ideas and designs and for me, there is nothing more enjoyable than to witness those ideas grow and become alive on the screen and real life.

Web design and brand development is a breathing Art that shapes the world. It involves practical skill, intellect, creativity, being aesthetically tuned, having excellent market-place knowledge, people understanding and of course, to know how trends evolve.

Amadeus Art offers a sterling service that is personal to you. You will be receiving nothing less than creative, sophisticated and intellectually powered Art & Design that is strategically engineered to catapult you and your business ventures to higher levels.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and Amadeus Art. I would love to hear from you and allow me the opportunity to 'wow' you with what we can do for you.


Brand Strategy, Identity & Branding,

Print, Art Direction,

Digital & Web Design, 

Social Media Content Creation, Creative Photography,


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